Welcome to the SNOWSTORM TALKS. We invite You to the inside, where it is cozy and warm. We welcome to talk and reflect on  questions  that really matters.

SNOWSTORM TALK  1  –  January,  Oslo, Norway  (more details coming)




Talks – that matters

Above the clouds the sky is always blue. 

In some situation in life the truths speak through us. The masks are gone and the human face is naked.  To be in nature is both de-stressing and energizing.  We also get divine humble when feel the force of nature empower our own greatness – as we might define a situation of ice-cold, winter snowstorm.

Our human ego gets calmer and we also reconnect with the universal state of being connected to the bigger story life,  when attached to the poetry of snow. A snowstorm of frozen water is in many ways a beautiful mystery, especially the day after when the sun is up and shining again – or inside out, in front of the fire.

To be seated around a fireplace has always been a safe place for humans. It has been a place where compassionate minds and the wise hearts can open up, and speak beyond a filter of being right or wrong.  To speak ones heart’s  wisdom and the whisper of the silent inner voice,  is  a stage for creative conversation. This is part of a art form of conferring sense beyond separated Egos , where the art of listening with a collective we-ness of each person around the fireplace.

Debate and/or discussions are replaced with dialogues and the creative art being in a state of  improvisations.  This is the objective of the small-talk in the middle of a snowstorm.


Our shared challenges  on a planet with disruptive climate change might  challenge us. It will be hotter.  It is about weather – extreme weather conditions with hurricanes,  heavy rainstorms, flooding, fires… and snowstorms.

Everyone talks about the weather, buy not in the same way as we did before. The temperature of the Planet, indicates the sickness of the patient. Are the new doctors of our time the climate scientists or the laymen with a compassionate and creative heart?

Is it the small-talk,  and common sense of everyday people,  that might bring back balance and get the temperature down? Who will be in charge of the draw-down, if not everyone?

The human – nature  partnership  is a state of being.  The radical newness in this partnership might evolve the possible new human of working together  instead of the the competitive state of survival of the fittest.  Who will find joy and pride of outrunning and be the champion in the survival race  with the natural world and the bigger ecosystem? To win a race with the wolfs are not the point!

SNOWSTORM TALKS ……  brings us human in front of the fireplace, more humble and more in balance, just at the moment when the snow is coloring everything white. Crises gives plenty of  new opportunities – what are they and how do we adjust our hopes in the new solutions of co-creation?

What are the questions that matter when people share thoughts off guards , and not in an effort of protecting a personal view of what is right and wrong.

The meeting concept is inspired by the global community of Society for Organizational Learning, with both SOL France and SOL Nordic Communities ( Norway and Sweden),  –  a global network of consultants, enterprises, researchers and change makers  ready to be part of the Necessary Revolution.   Nature Akademin of Sweden and Göran Gennvi have pioneered in the Nordic countries, to bring forward Wise Leadership and Dialogue.

Theory U by Presencing Institute     and the learning lab for emerging futures is part of the toolbox – and most of all – our common sense.



A story to share


Inspired by 222 white peaks, with heavy snowfall as a blessing of joy  and beauty, the meeting concept SNOWSTORM TALKS was founded in the city of Molde, Norway.  A place in nowhere, were part of reality when it comes to  the weather is like a  reality of not knowing.    A place of childhood of dreams and normal life  – even in the middle of a snowstorm.  For the winter a dream to wake up to 1 meter of snow.   A heavy snowstorm was white poetry of powder and fluffy snowflakes, and when the rays from the sun breaks the  crystals, it is the multiply stories of magical rainbows.

So it was, before we started to talk about climate change, and the reality of a hotter planet.

Inger-Mette Stenseth

CEO & Founder of Norwegian Bedrock Group